V Bites
£6.00 / g *
Shooting Stars
£6.00 / g *
Ginger Toms
£6.00 / g *
Moby Dicks
£6.00 *
Brighton Pasty
£6.00 *
Minnie's Miecees
£6.00 / g *
Brighton Sealife
£6.00 / g *
Puppy Party Mix
£6.00 / g *
Banana Bears
£6.00 / g *
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London Bark at the Moon says, "We love your style!" "This product is brilliant!"

SnaffleS is very excited to be at Arundel Farmer's Market on the third Saturday of each month.

Come and see at the following Farmer's Markets:

Shoreham -2nd Saturday of the month 

Arundel -3rd Saturday of the month

New biscuits in the range,  Puppy Party Mix, V Bites, Shooting Stars & Ginger Toms 

Hayley Hutchison-Hudson is SnaffleS Executive Chef .  

I have been a chef for  over 25 years.  I have two great passions in my life food and dogs.  I started making dog treats for my French Bulldog Nils.    Nils was very fussy and I couldn't get him to eat manufactured dog food or dog treats. So I started to make my own.  Friends would call me the treat lady or the puppy snatcher, as their dogs wouldn't leave me alone.    I would like to think it was nothing to do with the fact that my pockets were always full of delicious freshly baked biscuits!

This feedback really inspired me and  before I knew it Snaffles was born.  All biscuits are handmade by me, in Hove and each one has a little piece of my heart in it.

All the biscuits are Vegan, full of delicious fruit and veg and made with human grade quality ingredients, all products are lactose free, have no added sugar or salt,  and are additive free.  They are twice baked and have a shelf-life of four months.

SnaffleS Vegan Biscuits Made by Chefs - Loved by Dogs.

I hope your dog enjoys the biscuits as much as I did making them.  Customer feedback is very important to me so if you would like to contact me and let me know how your dog snaffled my biscuits please contact me on   

You can now follow me on Twitter

You can buy Snaffles Gourmet Biscuits in the following locations: 

The Grand Hotel Brighton - available for the dog friendly rooms

Shoreham Farmers Market

Arundel Farmers Market

Weald & Downland Living Museum

Metro Deco

The Corona Hotel Blackpool

The Pet Shed

Baked @bakedhove

Kernel of Hove

Edgecumbes Coffee Shop

Wayfield Park Farm Shop   Pyecombe